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How to Put Together an Anthology of Super Stories for Readers Who Live in Middle School: A Play, a guest post by Leah Henderson and Gary D. Schmidt

On Middle Grade and the Present Moment, a guest post by Anne Ursu

The Tortured Poets Department Poetry Packs for National Poetry Month and Album Release (April 19)

The Tortured Poets Department Inspired Poetry Packs for National Poetry Month and Album Release (April 19)

A Culinary Cabaret: Graphic Novels about Foodies and Cooking, by Angela Frederick

Take Five: Middle Grade Novels in Verse

Now on The Yarn Podcast . . .

Boxes, Bridges, and Isabel in Bloom, a guest post by Mae Respicio

Take Five: New April Middle Grade Novels

Book Review: Just Another Story by Ernesto Saade

Book Review: Timid by Jonathan Todd

The Monsters of AI, a guest post by S. A. Patrick

Uncanny Vibes: Atmospheric Settings in Otherworldly, a guest post by F. T. Lukens

Take Five: Middle Grade Nonfiction

Book Mail: 24 New Books to Check Out

Post-It Note Reviews: 12 Quick Reviews of New Books

Take Five: Middle Grade Fantasy

In and Out the Window, An Interview with Author Jane Yolen

Take Five: Cooking and Baking in Middle Grade Fiction

Writing in the Margins, a guest post by Parisa Akhbari

The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry and the Process of Choosing Character Names, a guest post by Anna Rose Johnson

The Walk of Life, a guest post by Chris Lynch

Peachtree and Peachtree Teen Showcase: April through July 2024

An Open Dialogue: Highlights from ALA-GNCRT’s 2023 Best Graphic Novels for Children List, by Librarian Angela Frederick

Swimming (and Other Things I Know Nothing About), a guest post by Abbey Nash

Take Five: New March Middle Grade Novels

Wednesday Books, Tor Teen, and Flatiron Showcase: May through August 2024

Book Mail: Feral girls, ghosts, period activism, a robot vacuum cleaner, and more!

Getting Kids “Unstuck” As Writers, a guest post by Barbara Dee

Mario, Minecraft, and More! | SLJ’s Video Game Reviews

Now on The Yarn Podcast: Jesús Trejo and PAPÁ’S MAGICAL WATER JUG CLOCK

Take Five: New Middle Grade in February

A Magical Writing Journey, a guest post by Swati Teerdhala

Book Review: Unstuck by Barbara Dee

The 5 People You Meet on Deadline. Spoiler: All of them are you, a guest post by Ellen O’Clover

Book Review: Bunt!: Striking Out on Financial Aid by Ngozi Ukazu, Mad Rupert (Illustrator)

Over on The Yarn Podcast: Ruth Behar

Take Five: Realistic Middle Grade Graphic Novels

Book Review: Freshman Year by Sarah Mai

Exciting New Releases in Middle Grade and Young Adult Literature for 2024: A Must-Read List for Librarians and Educators, a guest post by Amanda Hunt

Romance for Logistical Headaches, a guest post by Edward Underhill

Take Five: Periods in Middle Grade Novels

To All the Queer People throughout History: A Love Letter Wrapped in a Sapphic Heist Fantasy Novel, a guest post by Jamie Pacton

How Hiking 310 Miles Helped Build a Novel—and Taught Me a Few Things About Writing Along the Way, a guest post by Erin Soderberg Downing

Holiday House and Pixel + Ink Showcase: January through June 2024

Take Five: Environmental Issues in Middle Grade Novels

An Author Answers The Question Everyone Asks, a guest post by Fred Bowen

25 Audiobooks for Black History Month and Beyond

Like a Prayer: Complexities of Faith in YA Fiction and Life, a guest post by Annie Cardi

Dory Fantasmagory LIVES on The Yarn Podcast

Take Five: New Middle Grade in January

Post-It Note Reviews: Quick Looks at New Books

Book Mail: Magic face paint, summer school, ghosts, spies, and more!

Take Five: Chronic Illness in Middle Grade Novels

Now on The Yarn podcast: Our 2024 Children’s Literature Preview Episode

My Five Rules for Writing, a guest post by Tom Llewellyn

Take Five: Middle Grade Survival Stories

Book Review: Diary of a Confused Feminist by Kate Weston

YA Challenges in a Middle School Library, a guest post by Amanda Hunt (@thenextgenlibrarian)

Look Back to Go Forward: Our 2023 Year-in-Review Episode of The Yarn Podcast

Take Five: Illustrated Middle Grade Novels

11 Family Music Albums to Swing into the New Year

Themes of History and Self-Discovery in Ghost Roast, a guest post by Shawneé Gibbs and Shawnelle Gibbs

Being trans isn’t all “queer joy,” a guest post by Naomi Kanakia

Most Anticipated Middle Grade Reads of 2024

Post-It Note Reviews: Orishas, bibliotherapy, wilderness survival, and more!

Most Anticipated Young Adult Reads of 2024

Wednesday Books Showcase: April through July 2024

Book Mail: 38 New Books to Add to Your TBR!

Amanda’s Favorite Post-It Review Reads of 2023

Amanda’s Favorite YA Reads of 2023

Amanda’s Favorite Middle Grade Reads of 2023

Book Review: Bianca Torre Is Afraid of Everything by Justine Pucella Winans

How MEXIKID Was Made, with Pedro Martín

Book Review: LGBTQIA+ Books for Children and Teens, Second Edition by Kathleen Breitenbach and Liz Deskins

In School Library Journal: The Printz Grows Up: High Points in the History of an Influential Award

Book Review: The Dos and Donuts of Love by Adiba Jaigirdar

Peachtree and Peachtree Teen Showcase: New titles from September 2023 through April 2024

Asexuality and the Rules to Happiness, a guest post by Amanda DeWitt

Post-It Reviews: Six quick reviews of recent graphic novels

Coming Home to the Library, a guest post by Yasmin Rahman

Our 200th Episode of The Yarn Podcast!

Book Review: All the Dead Lie Down by Kyrie McCauley

The Loveboat, Taipei Trilogy’s Finale: Exploring Uncharted Places, a guest post by Abigail Hing Wen

The Weed Tour – A Diary of Travels, a guest post by Caitlin Donohue

Intergenerational contact and queer YA, a guest post by Hal Schrieve

Now on The Yarn: A True Story by Dashka Slater

In Defense of the “Unlikable” Character, a guest post by Janet Sumner Johnson

I’M SORRY, MOM: How Writing My YA Novel Helped Me Better Understand Her Alcohol Addiction, a guest post by Susan Azim Boyer

Post-It Reviews: Twelve Quick Reviews of Recent Releases

Imperfect Elders: Why I Tell Intergenerational Stories, a guest post by Addie Woolridge

Do Animals Belong in YA Fantasy? A guest post by Hanna C. Howard

Book Review: One in a Million by Claire Lordon

Seizing the Day, or Not, in Middle-Grade Sequels, a guest post by Michael Mann

All the World’s a Stage: Making Theater (and History) Fun for Teens, a guest post by Deborah Hopkinson

Writing a Beloved Real-World Setting into a Novel, a guest post by Zachary Sergi

Grocery Transfiguration, a guest post by Polly Horvath

Finding Myself Through Princess Jasmine, a guest post by Alexandra Monir

Multigenerational Mayhem, a guest post by Shanna Miles

Let’s Get Delicious in Middle Grade, a guest post by Alechia Dow


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