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A New Blog from EveryLibrary, “Politics in Practice,” Launches on SLJ

SLJ staff, Sep 21, 2023
EveryLibrary has joined the School Library Journal (SLJ) Blog Network. Covering legislation, censorship, funding, and advocacy, “Politics in Practice” will encompass the full beat of the nonprofit organization, which solicits support for libraries—K–12, public, and academic—nationwide.

Librarians Can Play a Key Role Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Schools

Andrew Bauld, Aug 31, 2023
AI tools like ChatGPT are advancing by the day. Here's how librarians are using them, plus an overview of valuable AI tools and terms.

SLJ’s Reviews of the 2023 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature Longlisters

SLJ Reviews, Sep 13, 2023
Here are SLJ's reviews of the books that made the longlist for the 2023 National Book Award for Young People's Literature.

Independent Publishers Meet Demand for Latinx Books for Kids

Shelley M. Diaz, Sep 11, 2023
With large publishers falling short, independent publishers have emerged to produce children's books with Latinx characters and by Latinx creators in both English and Spanish. 

Marlaina Cockcroft, Aug 24, 2023
Thirty percent of challenges led to a book’s removal in 2023. And while 34 percent of librarians who experienced challenges have considered leaving the profession, 65 percent are motivated to fight censorship.

SLJ Staff, Aug 24, 2023
PEN America has documented more than 400 state bills the organization calls "educational intimidation legislation" and the impact the laws have had; SCBWI launches a new award for books showing compassion to animals; and more in this edition of News Bites.

Amanda MacGregor, Jul 06, 2023
In this overview of SLJ's 2023 starred titles to date, grief, intergenerational bonds, and other key topics are trending topics.

Marlaina Cockcroft, Jun 27, 2023
School libraries are focusing less on technology since the pandemic. But AI and its role in education are top of mind, our latest survey shows.

May 21, 2021
SLJ Staff, Jun 21, 2023
The Nation's Report Card shows scores on the reading and math assessments of 13-year-olds dropped four and seven points, respectively, compared to 2020.

SLJ Staff, Jan 31, 2019
On the Diverse Books Survey page, users can access related content, newly updated, as well as our Diverse Books Survey report.

Kara Yorio, Oct 24, 2018
While in the minority, the SLJ Diverse Books Survey reveals some librarians are declining to purchase books with diverse characters to avoid a challenge.

NCTE & SLJ Reviews, May 04, 2023
'Romeo and Juliet' is ubiquitous in English lit classes and in modern society. As you consider ways to bring Shakespeare's verse to life for students, here are multimedia works that can serve as both supplements and mirrors to the original text.

SLJ Reviews, Aug 01, 2023
From Jackie Ormes to Christo and Jeanne-Claude, these 9 picture books bring young readers into the lives of creatives who were born in the U.S. or spent years making art here. Share these titles to commemorate them and all artists.

SLJ Reviews, Jun 14, 2023
Fans of the Regency era and shows like Bridgerton will find much to love in these romantic takes on the genre that range from swoony London to anti-historical vengeance to modern teens at a Regency-themed summer camp.

SLJ Reviews, Jul 20, 2023
For tweens and teens who enjoy reading stories based around food, here are 13 romances to satisfy their cravings.

SLJ Reviews, Jun 06, 2023
Whether it's spring, when we first noticed these books, or summer, winter, or fall, offering children a way to look at the world that makes them appreciate and want to protect it may help guarantee its future, and theirs. 

There’s something for every middle grader in this roundup curated by the We Are Kid Lit Collective. Up-and-coming chefs, family and friendship drama, and propulsive informational texts will keep tweens engaged beyond the summer months. 

NCTE & SLJ Reviews, May 17, 2023
It's just not summer if teenagers aren't pocketing S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders, with its iconic gang members, dusty American landscape, and exquisitely crafted life lessons; this year, SLJ and NCTE reveal the 2023 round of “Refreshing the Canon” selections, where multimedia suggestions enrich The Outsiders and so much more.

SLJ Reviews, Jul 06, 2023
Biographies of world leaders and creators, a rollicking take on the way animals sleep, and a primer on race for kids. These Spanish-language selections are perfect for rounding out nonfiction collections.

From traditional Indigenous stories to the truth behind the Mexican jumping bean, these picture books, selected by the We Are Kid Lit Collective, offer entertaining and memorable reading experiences for kids over the summer break.

Marlaina Cockcroft, May 11, 2023
Fantasy or contemporary, funny or serious, these books show characters of different cultural backgrounds, skin colors, and gender identities, demonstrating the many ways in which Jews can be intersectional.

NCTE & SLJ Reviews, May 04, 2023
'Romeo and Juliet' is ubiquitous in English lit classes and in modern society. As you consider ways to bring Shakespeare's verse to life for students, here are multimedia works that can serve as both supplements and mirrors to the original text.

Melissa Stewart, Jul 26, 2023
How teachers and librarians have brought nonfiction front and center at their schools.

SLJ Staff, Mar 27, 2023
Star Child by Ibi Zoboi and Swim Team by Johnnie Christmas are among the winners of the annual awards that honor outstanding children's and YA books by African American authors.

SLJ Staff, Jun 21, 2023
The titles by Jack Wong, Angeline Boulley, and Jarrett J. Krosoczka earned the annual award in the picture book, fiction and poetry, and nonfiction categories, respectively.

Abby Johnson, Apr 21, 2023
Elementary and middle grade fans of this coming-of-age classic will love these recommendations.

Brigid Alverson, Aug 23, 2023
From reading people's thoughts to appearing as reincarnated humans, these cat characters have strong appeal. 

Brigid Alverson, Mar 29, 2023
In these works, the characters are cute, the chapters short, and suspense is kept to a minimum. While the genre exists for all ages, many titles are ideal for younger readers.

SLJ Staff, Aug 09, 2023
Comics and graphic novels publishing veteran Jasmine Amiri has joined SLJ as graphic novels reviews editor.

Lori Henderson, Sep 05, 2023
Check out this week's list of new comics, manga, and graphic novels for readers 12 and under, featuring Lights from Oni Press and Dona Quixote: Rise of the Knight from Henry Holt.
Brigid Alverson, Jun 08, 2023
The long history of superhero comics means there is a bewildering array of characters and storylines. Where should a new reader start? Here's what you need to know. 

SLJ Reviews, May 10, 2023
These recent manga titles for teens feature something for everyone, from slice-of-life family stories to action-packed fantasy adventures.

Brigid Alverson, Jan 18, 2023
Including fiction, nonfiction, and memoir, these titles cover topics from the making of the atomic bomb to the history of video games.

Feb 01, 2023
Apr 01, 2023
Kathy Ishizuka, Jul 17, 2023
Moms for Liberty has waged war on public education and democratic values, leveraging fear and disinformation. There are steps to take, including exercising your own First Amendment rights to uphold a just and equitable society.

Betsy Bird, Aug 01, 2023
With all the talk of middle grade novels and the need for concise reads, Torrey Maldonado stands as the king of such texts. We talk with him today.
Kathy Ishizuka, Jun 01, 2023
This month, I’m sharing some personal research combining two great passions: gardening and ­libraries. The culmination of my Master Gardener training, my capstone project explores how public libraries make ideal partners in promoting gardening and sustainable, organic practices.

Jess DeCourcy Hinds, May 02, 2023
For our May cover story, Jess deCourcy Hinds interviewed librarians who hit their breaking point and found a way to move forward. Here are her thoughts.

Pat Scales, Jun 25, 2023
While situations may differ, knowing your library display policy and garnering parental support are key steps, says free speech expert Pat Scales.

Amanda MacGregor, Aug 07, 2023
My hope for The Phone Book is that it is a helpful resource for preteens, teens, families, and schools to learn about digital citizenship, digital literacy, and how to use technology as a force for good.
Travis Jonker, Jul 03, 2023
Listen to our special LIVE episode of The Yarn with Kate DiCamillo.
Kathy Ishizuka, Feb 01, 2023
Travis Jonker raises up the best titles for reading aloud. “Some will be obvious and popular. Others lesser known. All will be story time gold.”



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